Being at the cannabis cafe makes my day and even my week

I really have been trying to keep my trips to the cannabis cafe to a weekly.

But there for a while, I could have taken vacation time and just spent the whole thing right there at the cannabis cafe.

When the local cannabis spot opened up this place, I was overjoyed. I knew the owners of that cannabis dispensary and they were super cool people. While they for sure wanted to share all the wonderful cannabis edibles they make, it was also about the coffee. They moved here from out of state to open the local cannabis spot and from the jump, they were always looking for good coffee. The region they hail from is known for great coffee and they missed it so much. Around here, there just wasn’t much in the way of gourmet coffee. So they decided to change that with the cannabis cafe. Man, am I ever glad they chose to do that. I could drink that coffee every single day. Actually, I could drink that coffee all day long on every single day. There are so many different blends and new ones arrive all the time. I was getting a lot of coffee to go for awhile. But then, I stopped on a day off to have a coffee and a righteous pot brownie. It was like no pot brownie that I’d ever experienced. Between the scrumptious coffee, the amazing cannabis edible and the perfect cafe setting, I was in heaven. Again, I could literally take a week off from work and do nothing but go to the cannabis cafe the whole time.

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