It’s so awesome to be able to pick up legal weed

Way back when moved to this place, my spouse plus I briefly thought about being some skilled cannabis growers.

The fact that the two of us lived so remotely off in the woods would be a great spot for growing some marijuana.

Both of us weren’t looking to get going with a marijuana contractor or anything at all like that. Back then, just as it is today, marijuana in any form was illegal. But my spouse plus I enjoyed recreational marijuana plus didn’t want to face dealing with all the shady stuff that came with acquiring a bit of marijuana. So the two of us thought that maybe the two of us could simply grow a few plants for our own consumption plus give any excess away to amazing friends. But once we did a deep dive on the consequences of growing marijuana in our state, that whole idea died on the vine. It was just too risky so the two of us had to go back to finding whatever cannabis we could manage to find. And much of the time the two of us couldn’t even choose what type of strain we wanted. Both of us just got whatever the two of us got. Plus the two of us never exactly knew just what the THC amount happened to be. It was this way for a long duration of time until the neighboring state made recreational marijuana legal eventually. Now, the two of us take a trip out of the city every so often in order to get to the nearest weed shop. It’s honestly a pretty awesome time as we sort of live it up a bit. The most amazing thing is that the city where the local weed spot is has lots of interesting attractions. But the two of us constantly find the time to appreciate sharing a cannabis edible plus having a picnic in the pleasant sun.


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