I am a content writer

I work for an SEO business which is quite a broad term.

  • It is like saying you work at a hospital.

It doesn’t mean I am a doctor, I am just around them. I don’t do search engine optimization tactics. I am also not a web builder that creates a fully functional website. I am not even a part of the social media team. What I do is simply write the content for the website. I don’t have the foggiest idea on how I would make a website. I don’t even know how I would begin. How do you even get a blank page for a website to start? I also couldn’t make a website rank on google. How do you tell google to put the website higher? I know you have to show google that people are talking about the company and like it. How do you do that? I know there is code building involved with this, but how do you write code? I am a mother of three in her 40s. I work at home in my PJs everyday and write whatever content is sent over to me. The SEO company I work for does all sorts of business. I write for HVAC dealers about 90% of the time. 1% is specialty companies that typically don’t last long. The other 9% is cannabis dispensaries. I like writing about cannabis content. Everything is so new and exciting in the industry. Cannabis can do so many helpful things medically and there are tons of products to choose from. I really can get creative and fun with the website too.

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