Pet CBD products due to fireworks

My cat has a lot of trouble during the fourth of July and New Years.

I wish fireworks weren’t allowed anymore.

There are servicemen with PTSD that have a lot of trouble during those times. The animals also suffer due to the noise. For years my cat would run around the house meowing and just be totally distressed. He would stress eat and then hide under the bed. He was so unhappy the whole time. I tried playing music, sound proofing the house and even went on a trip one year to a new area hoping it would be quieter for my cat. No such luck. I am trying a new thing this year, pet CBD products. Apparently there are pet CBD oils and treats that can reduce anxiety in a cat. Some people have demon cats that are angry and wild all the time. Apparently the cat gets a daily dose of CBD and it calms them down. For me I just want to help my cat relax during the fireworks. I bought a bunch of local pet CBD products hoping they work. I have treats, an oil and a chew stick with CBD on it. I am going to do a few test runs to see if they help matters at all. My goal is to find out if the CBD products do relax my cat and make him go to sleep. If that is the case, I want to know when it kicks in and for how long. I will then time it with the fireworks so that my cat is sleeping during it. I will get high in my quietest room, sound proof it and hope that does the job.

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