THC products aren’t as fun to me anymore

It is annoying that my friends from a different state only want to visit for recreational weed.

They all act like they want to see me, but I know it is just for cannabis.

They find it so awesome they can buy cannabis flower, smoke at my house and get high. Since I have lived with recreational marijuana for so long, the coolness factor has worn off. Going to a cannabis dispensary feels like going to a pharmacy to me. I no longer even purchase products with THC content anymore. I am in my 30s. Why do I want to get high on a Saturday night? I would much rather see a movie and eat a nice dinner. I only purchase CBD and hemp products at my local weed shop. The CBD products I get are only to help with my depression. I smoke CBD oil in the morning and sometimes when I am feeling low. It keeps me mellow and happy. I prefer CBD oil over taking a pill with dangerous side effects. I also purchase hemp oil for nutritional benefits. Hemp oil has omega acids, vitamin C and helps with protein. As a vegan, I need all the nutritional help I can get. I even have a hemp seed oil that I put on my face that has been helping the fine lines around my mouth. My friends don’t want to go to my CBD store though. When they visit they want to go to a recreational cannabis shop that has all the THC strains and smoking equipment. Somedays I just refuse to go with them.


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