Where would I be if not for weed

Medical pot was signed directly into law and the people I was with in addition to myself did not readily expect to ever be patients that would visit a dispensary.

My hubby easily used some of the products, but I was easily hesitant.

I had not been the type of person to use any type of medical marijuana for any reason at all. I brought this up in the beach lake house and that’s when I was given the information of marijuana being a drug that leads to work drugs. After I was diagnosed with arthritis, the pain was progressing quickly plus it took less than more than one years before I had to use a cane or be in misery. My husband convinced myself plus others to discuss medical pot with a doctor, but I did not want to discuss it. I broke my hip during an afternoon when I fell walking without a cane. I was in the hospital for nearly a week and discussed medical marijuana with one of the nurses. She gave me a lot of information and told me that it would help tremendously with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. He told myself plus others that physical therapists could easily help myself plus others get our medical marijuana identification card. I called my hubby plus I asked if the guy I talked to any of the nurses about the medical marijuana and he did not have any answer for that. And you swore up and down that he did not mention medical marijuana to anyone at all in the hospital.


Medical Marijuana