The two places had nearly identical addresses

When every one of us had a GPS system installed, my hubby believed it was a single of the greatest items to ever be placed in his truck.

I reminded the guy every single time every one of us use that system that every one of us might end up in a different place east of where every one of us is supposed to be. GPS was easily much more reliable now than it was 10 or 15 years ago. The very next afternoon, everyone of us hopped into the truck plus we were getting ready to visit a marijuana shop inside of the city. The place was boasting a sale on medical marijuana products plus new customers receiving 30% off of the sale price. Every one of us also received an extra 15%. My hubby placed the address into the global positioning satellite system so that we could go to the marijuana dispensary. Every one of us were 15 miles from the address and we didn’t guess that the global positioning satellite was even taking us to a place close to the marijuana dispensary. Every one of us still had about 15 miles left when we looked at the GPS and it seemed more than evidence that we were lost. I commented about the guess of going to a medical marijuana shop and then several hours later we realized that every one of us had easily been going in a circle for at least an hour or two. It should have been a gas but the GPS was wrong.

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