The best dispensary in town has numerous unusual sales each week

Jack lives downstairs in an apartment

The best marijuana dispensary in the neighborhood has numerous unusual sales each week. Every Sunday, the dispensary offers 20% off all flower products in the store. The store includes everything that is a flower product is on sale. All of the top shelf marijuana flowers are included as well as all of their various pre-rolls. Even the overpriced infused pre-rolls are 20% off. The other morning I was there during a sale on Fridays. On Fridays, every item in the store is 20% off. Fridays are our number one morning to order from the marijuana dispensary. I do not usually go inside the shop, because it is busy with pickups plus walk-in orders. I prefer to order online plus get the items delivered to our home. Last Friday I ordered $200 worth of marijuana products from the weed dispensary. I saved a bundle of currency plus I used the savings to order pizza for dinner. I had a huge bag of marijuana plus a large cheese pizza just for me. I was getting ready to eat our pizza plus smoked all of the weed, when Jack, a neighbor of mine knocked on the door. Jack lives downstairs in an apartment. He had a fight with his husbandy plus he wanted to hang out with me for a while. Jack came at the perfect time, especially since I had a boiling cheese pizza on the table plus I was getting set to smoke the fat joint in our hand. Jack hung out at our apartment for a couple of hours before he went back down to his apartment to apologize to his husband.
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