The price of weed was still low after 420

They even had some really good BOGO sales that were not available on 420

My friends and I saved money from our paychecks in the months of February and March, so we had plenty of money to spend on 420. The sales that day were incredible. My friends and I found a ton of good deals. Most places offered 25 or 30% off the entire store inventory. My friends and I tried to go to each and every one of the dispensaries that was having a sale or a free giveaway. We managed to score some really great stuff. I got a glass bowl, two containers of rolling papers, free weed, and a lot of swag material. One of my friends scored a gram of live resin concentrate and another guy actually ended up with really expensive pre-rolls in his bag. I purchased plenty of marijuana supplies and I knew the supplies would last for a while. I still like to look at the sales each week. I was surprised that the prices on weed were still low even after the 420 holiday was over. Last weekend I went to the dispensary with a friend of mine and everything and the store was still 30% off. They even had some really good BOGO sales that were not available on 420. It certainly made me rethink my strategy for next year. If the dispensaries are still going to offer low prices even after April, then there really is no reason to save up a bunch of money and spend everything on the same day. It seems like waiting a few days until after the holiday might be a good idea too.


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