A cannabis meal

Pasta night is a large big evening in our household.

My spouse goes wild for it.

Both of us have a guy that gets his hands on fresh shrimp. I buy shrimp from him. The shrimp are almost as big as our hands. It is awesome. What I do is drizzle a lemon flavored oil over the veggies I prepare and rub it with seasoning. I have a rub that has traces of cannabis in it. Then I bake the veggies in the oven for around 15 minutes. While that is going on I pan fry our shrimp and onion in a CBD cooking oil. I then throw garlic, lemon juice, onion powder, cannabutter and shredded parmesan into the pain. It creates a cheesy, gooey cannabis mess. The last is that I opportunity a pasta or a spaghetti squash and use the cannabis cooking oil once again. My whole meal has traces of cannabis in it. The cannabutter creates a delicious taste on the shrimp and veggies. The seasoning on the pasta dish is fresh. My pasta with the cannabis oil regularly tastes entirely fantastic too. My spouse and I usually stuff ourselves. The meal was so delicious. None of the cannabis products are going to get us high as a kite. Both of us just recognize entirely relaxed and exhausted at the end of the evening, but perfect right? I appreciate that it winds me down in the evenings and provides me a fantastic evening of sleep. The meal is so fresh and I feel fantastic the next day too.

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