How I treat my clients at the dispensary

I will disclose that the vast majority of my clients here at the dispensary are just potheads… A lot of young people and college youngsters who want to have fun and get high. This is the backbone of my business, and I am delighted to serve them! But my number one clients are the a singles who really come here for medical reasons, and cannabis is good wash fun, but it is also medicine, and can help people with physical and mental health concerns. One of my regulars is an seasoned guy still suffering from PTSD from his experiences in Vietnam. That guy smokes 2 ounces of cannabis a week, and never once has he seemed stoned! Connie is a young lady dealing with a prolonged illness, and uses several strains of cannabis to help with her appetite, her pain levels, and her sleep patterns. It is important to me that Connie gets top priority whenever she comes into the cannabis dispensary, to the point that I will walk away from another shopper to help her. Connie isn’t here to get high, she is here because cannabis is medicine, so she should not have to wait for a pair of college youngsters trying to decide what kind of shatter to buy. Although it gives me a sense of pride to help people with cannabis, I am delighted it doesn’t come up more often. It can be worried and demoralizing to see people struggling so much, desperately using cannabis to achieve some kind of peace. It’s easier to just make small talk with the potheads.

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