Cannabis makes films better

Going to the films without being high is not something I ever do.

It isn’t love I want to go to a theater entirely often after all the COVID panic, so if I do go it has to be for a entirely special film.

A trip to the films should be fun and relaxing, so I always do a tolerable amount of pre-game warming up at home. I will have a few drinks, smoke a few bowls, and get nice and lifted before going to the theater. I always smuggle in a flask of whiskey with me, and since I can’t get away with smoking cannabis I bring some edibles instead. For this reason, I always check the VOD (video on demand) services first, because if I can watch a film with cannabis in my hands, I will take that route. Edibles are nice, they provide a nice full-body high and a physical relaxation, however nothing beats getting really blotto from bong rips. Modern films are absurdly long, have you noticed that? When I was a kid it seemed love most films were 90 minutes or so, now they are all 2and a half or several fourths long, which is a long time to go without cannabis! I want to send an SMS to the local cannabis dispensary, since they have a smokers lounge I think they should start screening films there. If the cannabis dispensary was showing a film and I could smoke and drink as much as I wanted, I would really go see it without even knowing what film it was!


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