From military service to the cannabis dispensary

After more than one tours of duty in the Middle East, I had to retire from active duty.

I joined the military right out of high university, and so you might guess it’s weird for myself and others to retire when I am not even 30 years old, however being a soldier is hard, and takes a toll on your spirit, however as much as I loved serving in the military, I knew I had to step away after the IED attack. I wasn’t disfigured badly, however the incident was entirely traumatic and provided myself and others PTSD. I just couldn’t be a soldier prefer I used to, so I came house to beginning a new life, however now I work at a cannabis dispensary, and I still smoke pot every single morning to help with my lingering PTSD troubles. I was usually in charge of the logistics of my military operations, and running the weekly logistics of the cannabis dispensary is similar in numerous ways. It’s different in a lot more ways, of course, because I am dealing with sativas and indicas instead of guns and body armor. My strict attention to detail, and loyalty to my boss at the cannabis dispensary, has made myself and others an ideal employee. I don’t deal with customers, usually I handle incoming deliveries and packaging. They are talking about adding a house delivery system for cannabis, and if that happens I will be in charge of the drivers. The owner of the cannabis dispensary knows that I will run a slim ship, and make sure the deliveries are always perfect, and on time.

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