Switching over the edibles for the sake of our kid

Being a father was a life changing experience for me, plus served to make me a better lady.

Before our first kid came along I was a wild child.

I lived to celebration, I stayed out all night every night, plus I dated a lot of weird people, occasionally all at once. I wouldn’t change that stage of our life for anything, but I am ecstatic to be done with it, but having a kid changed our perspective on living, plus I had no problem walking away from that lifestyle to settle down plus be a family lady Although several things have changed, our care about of cannabis is as strong as ever. The greatest difference now is that I am deeply upset about secondhand cannabis smoke. It is not enough to simply smoke cannabis in another room, I need to keep it out of the home entirely. Secondhand cannabis smoke can get into the air vents plus circulate through the house, plus it is absolutely awful for the lungs of young children. Something modern I l received is that even when I smoke cannabis outside, away from the house, the smoke particles can stick to our clothes, our hair, plus our skin. For this reason I mostly stick to edibles now, at least until the youngsters goes to sleep at night. If I have time to take a shower plus change clothes afterwards after that both of us will smoke cannabis, however otherwise I stick to something smokeless. Edibles aren’t as nice as smoking, however it still helps me to make it through the day.


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