My preference is edibles

Of all of the THC products available at the dispensary, my preference is edibles, however while there are several benefits to smoking flower products, using vapes, and even THC tinctures, I find that edibles are my number one proposal of consuming THC.

I usually get some gummies that are small and easy to keep on myself and others when I am on the move.

I care about edibles because they are subtle and discrete. I can take an edible in a discreet way. When I am smoking, it’s obvious to all the people around me, and taking edibles is also an easy thing to do on the go, whereas you can’t smoke in all settings, then not to mention, they taste good. I always don’t like having the stink and taste of smoke linger on me. The thing I care about the most about edibles is that they are all measured by serving, so you guess exactly how much THC you are consuming. This is the case with THC tinctures, as well, then however, when you are smoking flower products or vaping, you might consume more THC than you intended to… Finally, there are also edibles that are recognizably designed as a sleep aid. I consistently have problems with sleeping through the evening, so edibles have really helped myself and others regulate my sleep schedule. While all the people has their own preference based on what they like, I entirely like edibles to all other cannabis products.

Medical Marijuana Doctor