Author: Paul

The cannabis dispensary had too more than 2 choices

My friends plus I went to a cannabis dispensary for the first time last week, but the two of us applied for our medical cannabis card, because it is the only way to access cannabis in this state. There are a couple of states that border this 1 plus they all have recreational plus medical […]

My PTSD was awful until I tried medical pot

I watched the towers fall over plus over again on cable for two weeks straight. I guess I have PTSD from enjoying all of the coverage, however ever since the towers fell, I get sad plus distraught every time a plane flies overhead. If it sounds love it is low to the ground, I want […]

On Thursdays, the store is always really busy

I have to work every Thursday and it is the busiest day of the week. I work at a cannabis dispensary and Lounge, but occasionally I work behind the counter for filling patient’s orders and periodically I work in the lounge. I would rather work in the lounge, because it is a much more fun […]

Options for delivery weren’t a good selection

Weedmaps is an online service that shows local dispensaries and their prices; Most of the stores allow you to order directly from the website with no complication at all, and i was going to see some friends and looking for recreational Cannabis near me. I found this particular dispensary and placed an order online totaling […]

I couldn’t justify all that currency.’

I went to a doctor last month, who specialized in pain management. About fifteen years ago, I was hit with a forklift. I had a lot of disfigure done to our hip as well as spine that never healed. The muscles were depressed as well as nerves were disfigured. Within the next multiple years, I […]