Excellent product quality

I have never had problems of non-delivery since I started buying cannabis online. I wasn't expecting Cannabis 420 to be the first. They delivered but what is amazing is that the quality of my products were higher than my expectations. Worth the bucks.

Devin Garcia

I will order again and again

The first order was actually just a test. Needed just a sample but not only were there no samples but also the minimum purchase amount was higher than expected. I am glad that didn't stop me. I can reorder without hesitating because the first order was a success.

Francisco Day

Better late than never

I was a little disappoint on the third day when I didn't get the product. I almost concluded that this seller is the same like the others. Imagine my surprise on the 4th day around 11:00 when I held the package in my hands. I understood the situation and was happy.

Frank Woolard

Truly private and secure

Privacy and security has always been my concern when purchasing cannabis online. I had to email first and request some guarantees. They gave me their word, which was concerned when I noticed how discrete their packaging is. It was a great experience buying from 420 store.

Gary Mendenhall

Quick delivery as promised…

Sincerely, it was my very first time buying marijuana online. I was scared as hell and totally unsure of what I was doing. I was afraid of asking others for help because I didn't want to risk spreading the message of my intentions out there. But I am glad I met a 420 Store. Eventhough there was a little problem initially confirming my payment, that was solved and I received the package within 3 days as advertised.

Kevin Keene