OG Kush


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OG KUSH specifications

Thc 22%

CBD 1.3%

Indica 70%

Sativa 30%

Yield Indoor 525 Grams (26 ounces) m2

Yield Outdoor 670 Grams (42 ounces) m2

Height Indoor 140 cm

Height Outdoor 210 cm

Flower time 7 to 8 weeks

Harvest month October

Difficulty Moderate



Lemon OG kush , otherwise called Presidential Kush , is a cross breed cannabis strain, 60/40 Indica. The strain has some removed Kush family members so it can possess a scent like skunk or have diesel fuel suggestions. The THC level extents somewhere in the range of 17 and 24 percent with a neglible CBD at simply 0.13 percent.

How does Lemon og Kush cause you to feel?

An equally adjusted strain, Lemon Kush additionally has somewhat of a body buzz, relaxing the cerebral impacts and decreasing the probability of cannabis-initiated uneasiness or neurosis. Couchlock isn’t regularly announced, making Lemon Kush a strain that can be handily delighted in during the daytime just as around evening time.

How long does lemon fog high last?

3 hours

Wearing a THC substance of 16-25%, the Super Lemon Haze high will fulfill its shopper with impacts that regularly last as long as 3 hours.

Does lemon dimness make you sluggish?

Impacts. This sativa can impart a feeling of unwinding, without turning your cerebrum to mush. Because of Lemon Haze’s cheerful nature, it is a social smoke that can be prescribed to anybody.

Does Lemon Haze get you high?

Originating from two sweet-tasting, sativa-prevailing strains, the Lemon Haze strain is famous for the two its solid lemon fragrance and its capacity to cause patients to feel glad, euphoric, and elevated.

Is Super Lemon Haze hallucinogenic?

Between the numerous reasons: its amazingly extreme lemony flavor, with a solid murkiness foundation. … At the point when developed in soil, the range of terpens is more evolved and gives an extra lemony flavor. The THC is high at over 22%, guaranteeing an extremely hallucinogenic encounter to even the most experienced smokers.

Does Lemon Haze smell like lemon?

Lemon Haze has been described as resembling new stripped lemon cuts with a comparable taste. Its buds give off an impression of being green and yellow with golden hairs on the trichomes, giving it the yellow color.


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