Cheese Feminized Seeds


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Cheese Feminized specifications

Thc 25%
CBD 0.72%
Indica 65%
Sativa 35%
Yield Indoor 750 Grams (26 ounces) m2
Yield Outdoor 1200 Grams (42 ounces) m2
Height Indoor 80 cm
Height Outdoor 210 cm
Flower time 7 to 8 weeks
Harvest month October
Difficulty moderate


Cheese Feminized Seeds , is an incredible cannabis plant with sources situated in the UK. This weed strain has its legacy from some unique Skunk #1 that was rediscovered at that point created by a committed team of cannabis cultivators from London. At last they brought forth a skunk that was stinky to the point that there appeared to be not any more fitting a name than Cheese.

From that point forward, the Cheese hereditary has spread far and wide, winning a Cannabis Cup and coming to approach unbelievable status according to smokers at the same time. We got a grip of it, feminized it and are pleased to introduce the Royal Cheese feminized seeds.


Cheddar creates a wonderful impact, both intense yet adjusted, that begins with a decent cerebral incitement and winds up with a genuinely loosening up sensation. With rather good THC levels between 9 % and 14 %, she settles on an extraordinary decision for the individuals who need to loosen up for some time. You won’t have the option to overlook her!

Cheese Feminized Seeds is an overwhelming yielder, delivering 525 g/m2 inside and up to 1000 g/plant outside. During harvest time, the smell is practically deplorable; it occupies the room so strongly that it turns out to be practically sedative. Furthermore, the quantity of buds and the measure of gum is additionally overpowering.

Cheddar develops quick (50-60 days) and solid, so developing her is simple, in any event, for unpracticed cannabis cultivators. Notwithstanding reacting admirably to every single developing strategy, she’s demonstrated to flourish in SCROG. Outside, she cherishes being developed in calm/Mediterranean atmospheres or in nurseries, and, by right on time/mid-October, she’ll be prepared for collect. It’s critical to recollect that enemy of smell channels are probably going to be important on the off chance that we need to kill her solid fragrance and keep meddling neighbors from getting dubious.


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