Buddha Cheese Seeds


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Buddha Cheese specifications

Thc 24%
CBD 0.75%
Indica 70%
Sativa 30%
Yield Indoor 750 Grams (26 ounces) m2
Yield Outdoor 1450 Grams (42 ounces) m2
Height Indoor 90 cm
Height Outdoor 200 cm
Flower time 9 to 9 weeks
Harvest month October
Difficulty Moderate


Buddha Cheese is a beautiful snowy and dense budded marijuana strain with yields up to 750 grams a square meter! This Buddha Cheese find its origin at 2007 as a crossing of the original Cheese strain and the Himalaya strain from Nepal. The Buddha cheese is great for outdoor growing in maritime temperate climates although you benefit the most of the Buddha Cheese in the Mediterranean climates

The Buddha Cheese is easy to grow and with a short flowering and high yield this is a perfect strain for commercial growing. Especially because the alluring aroma of rich sweetness is beloved by many smokers. No wonder why most coffeeshops in Amsterdam sell Buddha Cheese. Besides the great taste and smell of Buddha Cheese, it is also used by many medical patients as alternative for their pain and nausea. This is really a must grow!


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