Afghan Feminized Seeds


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AK47 Feminized specifications

Thc 20%
CBD 0.92%
Indica 95%
Sativa 5%
Yield Indoor 400 Grams (26 ounces) m2
Yield Outdoor 800 Grams (42 ounces) m2
Height Indoor 120 cm
Height Outdoor 210 cm
Flower time 7 to 8 weeks
Harvest month October
Difficulty easy


Cheese Afghan Feminized Seeds is famous for it’s cheesy smell, and it’s high potency. Widely regarded as a “connoisseurs” strain, it’s definitely one of the best all rounders.

Cheese feminized is an Indica/Sativa hybrid, leaning very strongly towards Indica. This is a very potent variety at 20% THC, non-experienced smokers are warned as it may lead to panic attacks if you smoke too much of this strain.

Very good medical marijuana for those seeking pain relief.

Due to it’s high resin production prior to harvesting this plant has a THC concentration of 25%. This gives you a very intense stoned feeling. Cheese has a very sharp, dazed attack focused on the head, which quickly wears off to a relaxing, mellow high

Growers info:

This is a stout plant vigorous plant with slim leaves due to sativa properties

Cheese can grow in and outdoors, but indoors gives a shorter time to flower, and a higher yield. This strain has a flowering period from approximately 8-10 weeks.

A good commercial plant. Skilled growers will have an above average yield, but it’s also a good plant for slightly experienced beginners to try.


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