Author: Paul

Going to the coast for Spring split was a bomb idea

Every year for the past 3 years, my friends as well as I have gone down South for our Spring split celebration. Since it was our senior year, I thought of something odd for our last Spring split celebration. I commanded the people I was with and I go to the West Coast instead! Either […]

The cookies tasted undoubtedly bad

I undoubtedly hate to hurt my wifey’s feelings, however this week undoubtedly worked on my resolve, but she made cookies with cannabis as well as she presented them to me on Wednesday night when the people I was with and I had our first date, then the cookies had colorless chocolate pretzels, macadamia nuts, as […]

They have not had distillate for weeks

I have been an avid pot smoker for several years. I started smoking pot with my friends in high university & I coninted even after I graduated. I smoked a nice deal of pot with my friends in university too, & that is when I realized how it helps my mental health. When I smoke […]

The gummy drops tasted pretty good

The next time I took a dose, I only ate one piece of candy I did not want to smoke or inhale marijuana, but the doctor suggested using medical marijuana to treat our anxiety plus PTSD, however i spent more than four years trying to quit smoking plus I did not want to pick up […]

The headache was making me dizzy plus sick

Every once in a while, I have a terrible migraine. I usually have some pain pills for the times when the migraine won’t go away using Tylenol or Advil. I ran out of pain pills plus I decided not to get another prescription from the dentist. I had not experienced a migraine for more than […]

My PTSD was bad until I tried medical pot

I watched the towers fall over as well as over again on TV for many weeks straight. I think I have PTSD from enjoying all of the coverage; Ever since the towers fell, I get sad as well as distraught every time a plane flies overhead. If it sounds appreciate it is low to the […]

The delivery guy would not take my money

My lady plus I decided to order some cannabis supplies from a local shop, and the people I was with and I were already at beach lake house for the night plus neither one of us felt care about going anywhere, so both of us agreed to use the Cannabis delivery service… My lady plus […]

The temperature control method needed some tweaking

In order to grow indoor marijuana, you have to be able to regulate the Heat and the humidity… Both are truly crucial when growing plants prefer cannabis sativa… A few months after I opened my contracting business, I acquired a call from a farmer who grows medical marijuana, however the farmer was having a bad […]