Shopping during cannabis dispensary sales

When I taught my spouse about how to shop sales at various department stores and clothing stores, she went nuts with creating lists of sale rotations and clipping whatever coupons she could find in the process.

If you find out how to make $100 stretch a lot farther than normal, it’s natural to get addicted to it altogether.

I appreciate some of the fantastic clothing possibilities she found as well. It’s better to have a full closet for the same price of a handful of outfits, however that’s just my own personal opinion. You won’t see me spending hordes of cash on pricey power tools either, as everything in my garage was either purchased second hand or during a special hardware store sale. There is no need to pay full price for products that can be bought much cheaper as long as you wait a little bit longer to purchase them. The cannabis dispensaries in both my town and state are trying to compete with one another regarding sales on popular products such as flower jars, concentrates, oil syringes, and edibles. If I didn’t shop during the sales at the cannabis dispensaries, I wouldn’t be able to afford nearly as much weed as I do each week. It’s fantastic too when you can find pricey products like live rosin for up to 30% off or more. Otherwise live rosin can be as pricey as $80 to $90 for a single gram of the concentrate. It’s worth the price because of the flavor, effects and number of terpenes present in the final product. If you’re strategic with the sales at the cannabis dispensaries, you’ll still be able to afford premium cannabis products like live rosin.

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