Going on business trips to legal weed states

My husband and I live in a state where recreational weed isn’t allowed.

It is all about medical marijuana. I know people who have undergone the process of getting medical cannabis allowed. They need to visit a doctor, fill out paperwork online, pay some fees and then wait two weeks for their card in the mail. They have to renew their card yearly as well. It seems like more work than it is worth. What my husband and I do is wait until we are in a recreational cannabis state. My husband travels a lot for work and I work entirely online. It is easy to bring my computer and go with him. We splurge on a nice hotel and a good dinner out. My husband and I work during the day but then the evening is ours. Whatever city he is in we like to explore. If there is recreational weed we take full advantage of it. I have found that I really like vaping cannabis oil. I kept my same vape and I just buy the oil when I am in a legal state. I have tried all sorts of fun strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Purple Haze and Blue Dream. My husband tends to go for an edible. He likes the instant hi that doesn’t last as long. He typically will buy THC gummies or a chocolate bar that gets him pretty fun. We typically go out to dinner, then our dessert is our cannabis. We then have a fun, high like evening in our hotel room. We both enjoy it so much.

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