A nice discussion at the dispensary

Miss Jenny is an old, particularly frail looking woman who owns the local cannabis dispensary! She has a small sitting area in the back of the store, and usually she spends most of the day sitting in her wicker chair, petting her cats, doing crossword puzzles, and talking to customers.

  • She never works, she never settles customer disputes, nor does she seem to supervise her staff of budtenders.

She is simply there, smoking cannabis from an antique water bong and telling stories to people who want to listen, however I find Miss Jenny fascinating, and whenever I go in I like to buy some cannabis, and then sit with her and talk while every one of us smoke it together. Even though she is fifty years my senior, Miss Jenny is on another level when it comes to cannabis. I usually stick with something nice and simple, like cannabis oil from my vape pen, so I can get a nice, mellow buzz and keep on with my day, however miss Jenny will grind up a gram of Blue Dream and fill up her impossibly-oversized glass bowl, and then smoke the entire thing herself in just a few drags. She may look small, but her lungs must be like those of Superman or Wonder Woman, because I have literally never seen anyone smoke so much cannabis so quickly! Despite it all, she never coughs. In all the times I have gone into the cannabis dispensary, all the times I have seen Miss Jenny, never once has she coughed. She told me one time “women don’t cough in public.”

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