Cannabis has become as popular as alcohol

Out with the old, in with the new.

Not that smoking weed is new, it is about as seasoned as life itself in this country.

But the laws regarding it are new, finally being relaxed after decades of tyrannical rule from the government, however the hemp plant never should have been outlawed in the first place, however the laws have been corrected at long last, and I am done with alcohol, at least in terms of consuming it on a regular basis. Now that cannabis is legal, I don’t need to keep drinking all those empty calories from liquor just to get relaxed. There are still a few empty calories, I suppose, from the edibles I like to have once in a while. If I am going to the cannabis dispensary right after work, and haven’t eaten, I will indulge in a space cake or a pot brownie. It gives me a little boost of energy to begin the day, since I would be pounding surgery drinks all night to keep my blood sugar up, but after that I will usually vape some cannabis oil, or if it is a weekend I will smoke buds. I know it may sound weird, but cannabis buds hit me so much harder than the vapes do. It all comes from the same plant, however something in the chemical process makes the cannabis oil less potent for some reason, so when I certainly one to get wrecked, usually on the weekends, I forgo vaping and stick with the cannabis buds and flowers, usually the yellow strain if they have it in stock.


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