All kinds of interesting cannabis strains out there

When I initially started smoking marijuana for the first time in school, I was told there were only so many kinds available.

The cheap weed was called “mids,” plus it was constantly air-compressed, brick-weed of Mexican origin that was full of stems plus seeds.

The extravagant cannabis was referred to as “dro,” “chronic,” or “crippy.” This was typically hydroponically-grown cannabis that was mainly seedless, which used to be called “sensimilla” a few decades back. That’s about all I knew when I entered school, but I was in for a massive surprise when I learned about all of these crazy strains plus their genetic origins. We had strains such as Sour Diesel, White Widow, Berry White, Blueberry, Skunk, Girl Scout Cookies, Jack Herer, Bubba Kush, plus OG Kush which were all derived from numerous genetic crosses of the cannabis plant that actually started with landrace cannabis strains. Landrace cannabis are the varieties that are found in the wild in numerous places around the globe. The Hindu Kush Mountains plus the fields of Jamaica are just some examples of places where quality marijuana grows naturally. There are fantastic places in Africa, Thailand, Mexico, South America, plus HI that possess the finest landrace strains of the marijuana plant. All of the crazy strains you see nowadays at the cannabis dispensaries can all trace their lineage back to any number of these original landrace varieties. Some strains similar to Girl Scout Cookies have a landrace as a direct parent, which is Durban Poison in this particular case. I adore trying current strains of medical cannabis, especially if a relaxing landrace strain is involved.

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