It’s hard seeing the state regress after making such progress with the cannabis industry

It’s mighty difficult to deal with seeing your state regress after it went forward in several ways.

  • But that’s essentially how it feels some mornings seeing the local news channel plus studying about silly things the state legislature are busying themselves with to appeal to a relatively little voting block that represents maybe 30% of the state.

I often fear that they’re going to try pulling our medical marijuana program because they’re always going out of their way to make swings to it that make it extremely hard for patients to get access to their medicine. It makes no sense to me in the slightest when these politicians are trying to make medical decisions for patients when their medical professionals are saying the opposite. If the actual medical professionals are regularly asking for freer access to the plant, then you have no scientific basis to stand on. I can easily realize now that all kinds of people are going to go back to the black market if numerous forms of weed are made illegal again in our state. If medical cannabis flower products quickly disappeared, tens of thousands of patients would relinquish their cards practically overnight plus go back to the black market for their marijuana products. That’s a true crime to imagine, but it’s most definitely possible at this point. The state legislature would scrap medical marijuana in an hour if it wasn’t legalized by a constitutional amendment, but who knows when they’ll work really hard to destroy that as well. I am losing more plus more respect for these people all of the time because they’re making patients who are suffering experience more emotional suffering on top of their turmoil on a physical level. It’s unnecessary plus startling to me when I realize how much these swings will affect cancer patients plus others with extreme health circumstances.

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