My buddy chooses to use a vaporizer for cannabis products

I care about having a variety of friends from interesting backgrounds, cultures, & creeds.

Perhaps I’m alone in feeling this way, but it honestly becomes boring being around people who regularly feel the exact same way as you.

I want to try food that I’ve never seen before, or visit a relaxing village deep into the town that I wasn’t aware existed. It’s difficult to experience the unexpected if you always surround yourself with people who are only capable of echoing back & mirroring the thoughts & behaviors that you exhibit yourself. The only way is to push yourself out of a comfort zone & into situations that are both novel & instructive. I have a relatively close friend who is truly certain about how she prefers to consume cannabis. She will only consume cannabis flower products, & she insists on using a dry-herb vaporizer. I have actually learned quite a bit about the downside effects of smoking from this friend, as she explains that combusting any kind of plant material & inhaling it into the lungs is not a great idea for both short term & long term use. Even though I’ll smoke from a joint or a bong if one is provided to me, I have switched over to going with dry herb vaporizers because of my friend that is so adamantly against smoking anything & putting it in one’s lungs. I have to thank my buddy, because I’m getting fewer respiratory effects from consuming cannabis while also getting more cannabinoids & terpenes in each & every dose of cannabis that I vaporize. I care about using a vaporizer for my medical cannabis flower products to be honest.


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