I keep getting allergy reactions from much of the cannabis flower I vape or smoke

My mom said that I started exhibiting respiratory and sinus allergy symptoms as an infant, but they got worse around my third birthday.

At that age my pediatrician prescribed a liquid albuterol treatment, which is the medicine in the asthma inhalers that one would use in the same context.

It helps reduce inflammation in the lungs, thus opening up the airwaves. The syrup tasted like oranges and I’ll never forget it, because I had to take daily doses for a number of years. As soon as I was old enough to use one properly, my doctor switched me to an inhaler and also told me to use nasal spray daily for allergies. At the time we were living up north where the autumn plagued us with fallen leaves that would turn to mold on the ground. Naturally, the spores would aggravate my allergy symptoms greatly. By spring, the pollen from the trees and plants would have a similar effect. It shouldn’t surprise me that I’m getting allergy symptoms whenever I vape or smoke cannabis flower products. Marijuana flowers are plants just like the others that aggravate my allergies so much. On top of that, if the marijuana flowers are grown outdoors or in green houses, they likely have dust, pollen, and fungal spores on them from being exposed to varying amounts of outdoor air. These particles will be stuck to the cannabis flower buds and will probably have zero effect on a large portion of people, but those like me with severe allergies will definitely know the difference. That’s why I have to be so careful about where I get my marijuana products.

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