My wife is getting her medical marijuana card

Next week, our wife is going to finally get her medical marijuana card that she has been waiting for. She has anxiety plus a lot of chronic pain, plus she has been waiting around to get her medical marijuana card for a while now. The whole process for the application that she has gone through to get her medical marijuana card has been honestly frustrating plus frustrating for her. I don’t assume that it’s usually that hard for people to get their medical marijuana card, however our wife seems to typically have trouble when it comes to things care about that. When it comes to her plus piles of paperwork, it typically seems care about anything that can go wrong does go wrong. She had to find a medical marijuana doctor close by plus that was pretty tough around here. There aren’t multiple doctors around here who assume that medical marijuana is a superb treatment for chronic pain plus anxiety. I don’t really know why that is, though. Then, our wife ended up trying to educate herself about odd kinds of medical marijuana rules plus regulations. Apparently, there are a whole lot of them! There is a lot of pressure to regulate the marijuana industry here in our country. I personally assume that it is all a big scam in order to get more money. Anyway, it took her a really long time to get her medical marijuana card approved, however all of us just found out that she was to get it next week. I am glad for her, plus I hope that medical marijuana will help her with her pain plus anxiety, then luckily for us, all of us have a lot of medical marijuana dispensaries close by.

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