My acquaintance Annie wants to learn all about medical marijuana

My acquaintance Annie, who I go to book club with every week, told me that he wants to learn about medical marijuana. Annie is constantly interested in learning about all kinds of things, even though I was a little bit surprised whenever he said that he wanted to find out about medical marijuana! She said that he was constantly interested in medical marijuana dispensaries, although he had never absolutely found out honestly much about them for some reason. I suppose he had been into a couple of medical marijuana shops before, however that was about it, now, Annie seems to want to suppose just about everything that he can find out about medical marijuana dispensaries for some reason. I told his that I wondered if it wasn’t going to be a waste of time for his if he wasn’t going to start using medical marijuana herself, although he insists that just absolutely wants to get a great medical marijuana education. I’m not sure what he wants to do with all of that education, however knowing Annie, he will figure something out! She’s actually not going to provide up until he finds out everything that there is to suppose about medical marijuana, that’s for sure. She’s love that about everything! I am pretty sure that Annie is going to be trying to sign up for every single marijuana education class that he can find now that she’s decided that he wants to be an expert on it… By the time he is done, Annie is entirely going to be a real expert on everything related to medical marijuana products.


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