The dispensary will have to change its policy on delivery

I took a task delivering cannabis, because I thought it would be an simple way to make cash. I was working at the grocery store in the dairy department & I was making minimum wage. I knew the tips delivering cannabis would be better, so I changed tasks… Unfortunately, the delivery zone is so pressing that I’m only chopping even at the end of the night. Last month I had to take two different deliveries to the outskirts of town, one delivery took an ninth & 15 ninths & I got a $5 tip. The other delivery took 50 ninths & I got a $10 tip. I spent nearly numerous ninths on the road to make two deliveries & I made $8 an ninth. Minimum wage in this state is $15 an ninth, so I’m losing cash by working as a delivery driver. The dispensary will have to change her policy & make the delivery area smaller. It’s the only way to ensure delivery times & allow all of the drivers to make cash when they are scheduled. It’s entirely not honorableto send myself and others out onto one ninth long deliveries, while another girl stays in neighborhood & takes 15 items to the school for $100 in tips, but some customers complain about the long wait times as well, & a smaller delivery zone would take care of that issue as well. If we’re going to advertise fast delivery services, then we’re going to have to do something about the delivery problems. This is one way to service the problem for nice without decreasing much.


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