Needed cannabis for a lot of mid life reasons

As a woman in her 50s, I am not the type of person you think would be a cannabis user.

Menopause has been really bad and is lingering.

I have hot flashes every night, all night long. I Can’t sleep due to sweating to death and being uncomfortable. I also naturally struggle with sleeping. I can’t seem to wind down and calm my mind. Combine these issues with the fact that I am a naturally stressed person. I immediately got on the horn with getting medical marijuana. My state does offer recreational weed but you can’t get the stronger, more potent strains unless you have the card. Getting a medical weed card was fairly easy. I found a doctor that prescribes them, talked with him, filled out some online forms and paid a fee. I had my card in two weeks. Getting cannabis wasn’t that hard either. I live near a medical marijuana dispensary and they were amazing. The bartender was great at recommending the strain to fix all my issues. I needed to lessen hot flashes, calm my anxiety and help me sleep at night. I just needed something to chill me out. I got a CBD heavy indica strain that is in an oil format. Rather than pack a bowl or a bong, I simply carry a vape with cannabis oil. I just press a button that heats the oil and inhales it. It is simple to use and so much better of an experience. I don’t smell like weed using it either. I don’t need to carry a grinder, dish or pipe either.


Marijuana oil pen