Cooking with cannabis

I have really gotten into cooking.

I love looking up new recipes and buying spices, fancy oils and pesto spreads. It is fun coming up with a new dish and seeing if everyone likes it. My husband has trouble sleeping at night and has expressed an interest in cannabis in order to help him. I started looking up edibles online. There are tons of ways to ingest the indica in order to sleep better. The edible world is wide and vast. After getting a loose idea on the exact strain, THC and CBD qualities, I made a stop at my local cannabis dispensary. First things first, I bought myself a cannabis cooking oil. I like to stir fry veggies almost nightly. Sauteeing them in the oil is so easy and a good way to get cannabis in a dish. I also got seasoning that has cannabis flower in it and plan to use it as a dry rub for my salmon themed night or for a chicken dish. They even had a cannabutter that I thought I could use to make an alfredo sauce one of these nights. Right now I have just been using cannabis cooking oil and it seems to do the trick. My husband loves having a meal with a little cannabis in it. I of course eat it too and like how I am sleeping at night. You don’t taste any cannabis or have a bad taste in your mouth. I don’t even really feel high either. I just enjoy a better night of rest after a really tasty meal. That is the way to do it in my opinion.
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