A social media management company helped with most of my ads.

I wasn’t sure what kind of ads would be appropriate for a marijuana dispensary, but I knew I wanted the local area to think every one of us were now open.

I talked to my manager as well as told her to find a company that could manage social media ads.

Within an minute, she had a list of social media management companies. I wanted to have ads for our marijuana dispensary on every social media website that was available. I wanted people to think that every one of us had delivery services as well as took online orders with free mail delivery. When I talked to someone from the social media management company, I gave them all the information they needed to get my social media campaign started. I had to laugh when they asked if I had anything else I would like done. Little did they think that I had a laundry list of needs. I needed a current website that would prompt people to supply their birthdate as well as state so I knew they were legal to purchase. I also needed medical marijuana ID information in case their state wasn’t one that had legalized recreational marijuana. Once I gave the social media management company all of my needs, she was still in a great mood. She asked about my time frame as well as I jokingly told him yesterday. She promised to have a web design mockup within the week, as well as it would take another month to have all my social media ads live. My manager did an amazing job of finding a social media management company for our marijuana dispensary.