My cat loves his hemp products almost as much as his catnip

I grabbed a CBD oil for myself and a hemp-flower product for my cat

I grew up convinced that I was a dog person. My family always had dogs and fish, which gave me a variety of animals to care for. The dogs always needed to be walked, bathed, fed, and played with. The fish tanks needed to be cleaned daily, along with pump filter replacements and feedings. The only cats I was ever around were ones at friends’ houses. They always seemed like such reclusive creatures to me, but I got along with several in my years and continually wondered what it would be like to own one. By the time I graduated college, I was in position to rent or buy a house of any kind. All of the affordable apartments in my city have strict rules on pets, with most barring any dogs over 30 pounds. Although this would be my first time owning a cat, I took a risk and I’m happy that I did. I buy my kitty Roger all of the catnip in the world, but I learned recently that he loves his kitty hemp nearly as much as his catnip. A friend of mine told me that his cat loved the pet CBD products that he purchased at a local CBD store and encouraged me to check them out after I left work for the day. When I arrived at the CBD store, I was surprised by the sheer selection I saw before my eyes of varying kinds of hemp and CBD. I grabbed a CBD oil for myself and a hemp-flower product for my cat. When I got the pet CBD product home, I was amazed by the results. Roger went ballistic for the hemp-flowers! Now I’ll have to visit the CBD store regularly to keep him happy.

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