The cannabis dispensary closed due to a thunderstorm.

For the last couple of days, they had been calling for a thunderstorm in our area that was supposed to get pretty severe.

The day that the thunderstorm was predicted to hit, I needed to go to our marijuana dispensary.

I needed some marijuana products, and I didn’t want to get stuck without them once the thunderstorm took place. The rain was supposed to be nonstop for several days. My wife and I hopped into our SUV and started the short drive to the nearest marijuana dispensary. As I pulled up, I saw a notification on my phone that announced that because of the impending snowstorm, they would not be open that afternoon. The notification informed that they may be closed throughout the week, depending on the weather. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, so I couldn’t understand why a marijuana dispensary was already closed. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! My wife and I just sat in the parking lot in disbelief. I decided to knock on the door and see if anyone was there. The person who answered the door told me ‌they were not planning on opening because of the storm, however since it had not started yet, they would be open for a few more minutes. That offered my wife and I enough time to get in and out of the dispensary and pick up our marijuana products. Plus, we’d definitely get back to the crib before the storm began. I was just shocked that they had decided to close over the rain, but at least I had already been in the parking lot and was able to catch them for a few minutes. I’ll bet there were many other disappointed people who had thought they’d be able to get to the marijuana dispensary prior to the storm. They may not have gotten their marijuana products because of the pre-announced closing that hadn’t even happened. I just hope some of these people happened to get in before they actually left the building.


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