The cannabis dispensary closed early because of snow.

All week long, the weathermen had been calling for a snowstorm in our area.

However, the snowstorm wasn’t supposed to hit until the afternoon, and I needed to go to our marijuana dispensary.

You see, I needed some marijuana products & I wanted to make sure I had them before the snow hit! My partner & I were already in the truck on our way to the marijuana dispensary when a text came in. I couldn’t believe it when I saw that the text was announcing that because of the impending snowstorm, they would not be open at all that day. They also stated that they will be closed the following day. I couldn’t believe that they had closed when there were still hours to go before the snowstorm was supposed to begin. I stared at my phone in disbelief. My partner pulled over the truck and we decided to give the marijuana dispensary a call before we turned around and headed home empty handed. The woman who answered the call told me ‌they were not planning on opening because of the snow, but since it had not started yet, there were still a few employees at the marijuana dispensary for the time being. That gave my partner enough time to get to the dispensary and pick up our marijuana products before the storm began. I just could not believe they sent that text out knowing that they were still going to be open for at least another hour. It made me wonder how many people were out of their marijuana products & had been planning to go to the marijuana dispensary prior to the onset of the storm. Other customers may have not gotten their marijuana products because of the pre-announced closing that hadn’t even happened. I just hope some of these people called to see if they were open.

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