My brother went through hoops for a marijuana ID card.

Never having been to a marijuana dispensary, I was unaware of everything you had to go through, even before getting into the dispensary.

My brother recently got his medical marijuana card and he said that it was an exhausting process.

Right off the bat, my brother’s doctors are old school and they were not in the loop, so they could not supply helpful information. Once my brother found a specialist that could evaluate whether or not a medical ID card would be right for him, he had to schedule an appointment that would be another few weeks down the road. Once he made the appointment, he gave them $250 cash, plus the specialist told me he would send the report into the state. Within a month, the state had the information from the specialist. However, they had sent my brother a text telling him to go to the website and pay an additional $50 for a medical marijuana ID card. Once my brother finally had his medical marijuana ID card in hand, he went to the closest marijuana dispensary in our area. He walked up to the door and showed his new medical ID card to the scanner camera. The person on the other side told him that he had to wait in his car for a call from the pharmacist on staff. The pharmacist asked why he had a medical marijuana ID card. He talked to my brother for a half an hour about other options for muscle pain. Finally, my brother went back up to the door and scanned the ID card at the camera again. They buzzed him in through the door plus asked to see his card. Once someone checked his card for a third time, they buzzed him through the door that got him into the actual marijuana dispensary. After waiting so long, he was just worn out and didn’t want to be there. He left the marijuana dispensary in a hurry and missed one of the products he had intended to buy.


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