It’s not easy to get access to a marijuana dispensary.

Since I had never been to a marijuana dispensary, I was not prepared for everything you had to go through even before getting into the dispensary! Just getting the medical marijuana card was a whole project on its own.

  • Our local medical professionals were not in the loop, which made it difficult for them to provide me with any relevant information.

It took me months to find a medical professional who specializes in pain management that was able to examine me for a medical ID card. It took another few weeks to get an appointment. Once I had the appointment, I gave them $250 cash. The next step was for the medical professional to send the report into the state. Within a few weeks, the state had the information from the medical professional. I then received an email with instructions to go to the website to pay $50 for a medical marijuana ID card. Once I finally had my hands on a medical marijuana ID card, I went to the closest marijuana dispensary in our area. I walked up to the door, medical marijuana ID card in hand, and I passed it to the person at the door. It turns out it’s not that easy. You have to call the pharmacist from the car. The pharmacist then asks all kinds of questions as to why I had a medical marijuana ID card. The pharmacist then gave a bunch of other suggestions for relieving pain. I went back to the door and flashed my ID card at the camera again. They unlocked the door and let me in. I then had to hand my card over again. After seeing my card, they buzzed me through to the actual marijuana dispensary. I was so tired in addition to overwhelmed by the time I got into the dispensary that I forgot what kind of marijuana products I was looking for.

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