I couldn't believe what I went through just to get into the dispensary.

Never having been to a marijuana dispensary, they did not prepare me for everything you had to go through even before getting into the dispensary.

It was bad enough that everything I had to go through to get a medical marijuana card was so complicated.

Our local doctors were not in the loop, and they could not give me any information. Once I found a doctor who specializes in pain management and could examine me for a medical ID card, I had to make the appointment. Once I made the appointment, I gave them $250 cash, and the doctor told me he would send the report into the state. Even before I had hoped, the state had the information from the doctor, and they had sent me an email telling me to go to the website and pay $50 for a medical marijuana ID card. Once I finally had my medical marijuana ID card in hand, I went to the closest marijuana dispensary in our area. I walked up to the door, medical marijuana, ID card in hand, and flashed it at their camera. The girl told me to go back and wait in my car for the pharmacist to call me. The pharmacist asked why I had a medical marijuana ID card and gave me several suggestions. I went back to the door and flashed my ID card at the camera again. They buzzed me in through the door and asked to see my card. Once seeing my card, they buzzed me through the door that got me into the actual marijuana dispensary. I was so tired and overwhelmed by the time I got into the dispensary that I forgot what kind of marijuana products I was looking for.


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