I still get asked for ID at the age of 30

I often accompany my brother to the marijuana dispensary because I am his caretaker.

I go with him a few times a month, and I had never had any problem going into the dispensary, especially since I had my caretaker’s ID.

Last week, however, when I walked into a new marijuana dispensary, someone came over even before I got all the way through the door. I was a bit taken aback and wondered if there was something wrong with my identification. My brother stood there looking at me oddly, as if I knew what was going on. I had to wait until the man came back with my ID card before I could go through the door. When he returned, he handed me the ID card plus apologized for his reaction, and he said that there were a lot of underage people trying to get into the dispensary. He further explained that if they were found there, even if they were with a family member, there could be a lot of repercussions for a marijuana dispensary. I kind of chuckled as I glanced down at my ID card. He said he would not have believed I was 35 years old, and he had actually pulled my ID card because he figured I could be underage. After the mishap, he was extremely welcoming to my brother and I. He wished us a good day, and we went right on into the marijuana dispensary. My brother had previously placed an order on the dispensary’s website, so he was able to pick it up with ease. As soon as he had the order, I could see he could barely contain his laughter. He told me that maybe I should grow a beard plus dress a little better before the two of us opted to go back to the marijuana dispensary again.

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