I thought he was underage.

Lately at the marijuana dispensary I work the door at, there have been many underage people trying to slip by the security check.

Even if an underage person is coming into the marijuana dispensary with their parents, there could still be major legal repercussions.

Last week, someone came into the dispensary that looked like they might be underage, but he was there with his mother. I made a point to take his ID into the back to double check. I could tell when I returned that he and his mom were extremely confused by my actions. It turns out that the man was over 30 years old, so I apologized repeatedly for my actions. While the man was nice about it, he laughed at my explanation. He couldn’t believe that I mistook him for some teenager coming into the dispensary with his mom. It turns out, the only reason he was there with his mom was because he is her caretaker. No one had ever given him trouble for his caretaker ID, but he didn’t seem to be upset about the misunderstanding. I welcomed him and his mother into our marijuana dispensary, and I made sure to tell them to have a wonderful evening. His mom went on into the marijuana dispensary plus picked up the order that she had previously put in online. As the two of them headed out the door, I could see his mother could barely contain her laughter. It looked like she was teasing him about growing some facial hair as they left the marijuana dispensary.


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