Whoever thought I would be able to go to a non-doctor plus get treated?

It seems kind of strange to myself and others that I am going to a doctor that doesn’t have an MD at the end of her name, plus I am feeling better than I have in years. Whoever thought I could go to a non-doctor for treatments with my phantom pain. Phantom pain happens when you have lost a limb. Although the physical entity isn’t there any longer, the brain still perceives pain through the nerves. It was to the point where I wasn’t sleeping. I would try to rub where the pain was coming from, but there was nothing there. I went to a holistic healer plus told myself and others to try CBD products. CBD helped to an extent, but it wasn’t anything that helped myself and others to sleep. She then advocated a CBD plus THC combination that would help myself and others to sleep plus also help to ease the pain. She told myself and others that once I was able to sleep more comfortably, the nerves may calm down plus stop sending false signals to the brain. I found a cannabis store near me, plus went in to talk to someone. The young woman who called herself a budtender, told myself and others she had someone in the back who could tell myself and others more about pain therapy through the use of cannabis. The girl who came out, looked no older than the young woman, but she was really comprehensionable when it came to cannabis plus CBD. She was able to tell myself and others what kind of marijuana I could use to help with the pain, plus which would be best to use at evening for sleep. I was entirely glad I had gone to that doctor for pain management.

marijuana store near me