She thought I was underage.

For the last two years, I have been my dad’s caretaker.

Whenever he needs to go to the marijuana dispensary, it’s my role to accompany him.

Since I had a caretaker’s ID, this had never been an issue for me. Recently, when I walked into a marijuana dispensary, someone came over even before I got all the way through the door. I was a bit taken aback, but I handed my ID card over, as she requested. My dad and I were confused and unsure of what was going on. We waited about fifteen minutes before the woman returned with my ID card. Right away, she handed back my card and apologized for the strict regulations, but apparently a lot of underaged people have been trying to get into the dispensary. She said that even if an underage person went to the dispensary with their parents or another adult, they still were not allowed in. That all made fine sense to me, except for the fact that I’m 30 years old. I am surprised that she assumed I was not old enough to legally enter a marijuana dispensary. Then, the women finally let me and my dad enter the marijuana dispensary, so we were able to get on with our day. Dad went on into the marijuana dispensary to pick up the order that he had previously put in online. As the two of us headed out the door, I could see he could barely contain his laughter. My dad teased that I needed to dress more professionally and grow some facial hair prior to our next visit to the marijuana dispensary.


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