I intended to buy CBD.

Last week, I went to a marijuana dispensary with the hopes of purchasing CBD, however it didn’t quite go the way I intended.

When I started talking to the budtender on duty, she told me about all the specials… I tried to tell her ‌ I was strictly interested in CBD products, not marijuana.

At first, she told me they had CBD products… To my surprise, the CBD products that she was bringing out to show me all had THC in them. Once again, I told her ‌I was not interested in getting high. I just wanted CBD to help with some of my minor aches plus pains. About five minutes later, the director came over to ask if she could help. I explained to her what I wanted the CBD for and described my muscle aches and pains. Then, she pulled out multiple products. One was a lotion, one was a style of salve, plus the other was a tincture. She said they were all mostly CBD, but they had nothing in a marijuana dispensary that was pure CBD. If I wanted a pure CBD product, I’d need to look online to find it. They did not make those products out of the same style of marijuana. She assured me that if I were to purchase one of the CBD lotions, salves, or tinctures, that I would not get high. The only effect that I would feel from these products is relief in my muscles. I purchased the CBD lotion, but rubbing the lotion into my muscles counteracted any impact that any THC in the product could have.


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