Debating between CBD and THC based products

While I went to a marijuana dispensary last week, I only went in hopes of finding CBD products.

When I started talking to the budtender on duty, he told me about all the specials, however I insisted that I was only interested in CBD based products.

I had no interest in purchasing anything with marijuana in it. The budtender told me they had CBD products. However, the CBD products that he was bringing out to show me all had THC in them. Again, I informed the budtender that ‌I was not interested in getting high. I just wanted CBD to help with some of my minor aches as well as pains. He brought his manager over to me to help clarify which products would be best for what I wanted. I explained to her what I wanted the CBD for, as well as what I would need! She pulled out several products: a tincture, a body gel, and a salve. She said they were all composed of mostly CBD, however they had nothing in a marijuana dispensary that was pure CBD. I asked where I could purchase pure CBD, and he suggested that I turn to the internet. She clarified that they did not make those products out of the same type of marijuana. She assured me that if I were to purchase 1 of their lotions, salves, or tinctures, that I would not get high. They contained primarily ‌CBD in all of these products. The purpose of these products was solely to aid in minor aches as well as pains. I purchased the CBD lotion. Rubbing the lotion into my knees counteracts the effects that any THC in the product could have.



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