CBD can be great for relieving muscle pain

When I went to a marijuana dispensary last week, I had the express intention of purchasing CBD.

However, when I started talking to the budtender on duty, she immediately tried selling me the marijuana based products on special… I tried to tell her ‌I was looking for just CBD & nothing with marijuana in it, & she said they had CBD products.

Unfortunately, the CBD products that she was showing me all had a level of THC in them. Once again, I repeated that ‌I was not interested in getting high. I just wanted CBD to help with some minor aches & pains. Moments later, the owner of the dispensary came over and tried to help out. I explained to her what I wanted the CBD for & what I would need, then she pulled out several products. One was a lotion, one was a style of salve, & the other was a tincture. She said they were all mostly CBD, everything in the dispensary had some level of THC in it, as well. She told me that if I wanted to purchase pure CBD, my best bet would be to look online. They did not make those products out of the same style of marijuana. She explained that if I were to purchase one of the CBD lotions, salves, or tinctures, that I would not get high. These products were CBD based and intended to be used to alleviate any muscle pains. Even though the products contained THC, the THC could not get me high by rubbing it on my knees and hands. Ultimately, I decided to purchase the product.

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