Living a healthier life

I recently had a health scare and now I am trying to live healthier.

I have started working out five days a week.

Three days a week I do cardio heavy work out like running, swimming or biking. The other two days I do weightlifting. I work on my arms, legs, butt and shoulders. I make sure to stretch and work on my balance seven days a week though. Next I have limited bad foods and drinks from my diet. No more alcohol, cigarettes, coffee or candy. I am a vegetarian now. I eat leafy green vegetables, brightly colored fruits, multi-grain bread and fat free meals. I feel so much better. I also invested in a better bedding set, mattress and HVAC system. This is all so I can sleep easier at night. I also have started using cannabis products. Marijuana is a plant that can do some pretty awesome stuff. In order to sleep I put a few drops of cannabis oil under my tongue and it relaxes me. If I need a sweet treat, I rely on a CBD infused edible that I bought from the cannabis dispensary. I feel what cannabis does most for me is keep my stress levels down. I worry about my blood pressure and cholesterol. Cannabis keeps me feeling easygoing and relaxed. I also feel that vaping a cannabis oil is much better for me than taking a pill with a whole bunch of side effects. Now that I have changed how I live my life, I have seen a difference in my mood and my body. I feel so much better.
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